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You may also be looking for Maggie Hubbell, a transporter chief aboard the USS Enterprise-D or Maggie O'Halloran, a villager in the Fair Haven holodeck program.

Maggie was a Human female who owned a local tavern, the Pine Tree, in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania on Earth in 1957. She was the mother of a very bright teenage boy named Jack. Maggie's husband had left her years earlier, eventually moving to Phoenix, and was not largely involved in their son's upbringing.

In 1957, the Vulcan T'Mir, disguised as a Human, began working at Maggie's tavern while she and her comrades secretly awaited rescue from her own people.

Maggie wished to put her son through college. However, she couldn't afford to do so and began collecting money in a jar to help pay towards it. T'Mir assisted them by selling a patch of "velcro" from her crashed ship and giving the money to Maggie for her son's college education.

Maggie became romantically involved with one of T'Mir's associates, Mestral and was a key factor in his decision to remain on Earth when the others were rescued. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")

Maggie was played by actress Ann Cusack.

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