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Alexandria magazine rack

A 21st century magazine rack

For magazines dealing with the Star Trek franchise, see magazines; see also comics.

A magazine is a periodical containing a collection of articles, stories or other written material, often accompanied by photographs.

On 20th and 21st century Earth, they were common sights in book stores and also sold on streets.

In 1953, Benny Russell encountered a vendor in Harlem whose newsstand sold magazines and newspapers. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

The Alexandria Books store in Portage Creek, Indiana had a large set of magazines for sale. (VOY: "11:59")

In the 23rd century, magazines also circulated on 892-IV, then at a stage similar to Earth's 20th century. (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

List of magazines


There have been several real-world magazines dealing with Star Trek, including Stardate, Starlog, Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine, The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine, The Official Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Magazine, Star Trek: Communicator, Star Trek Fact Files, Star Trek: The Magazine, and Star Trek Monthly. Collectible companion magazines are usually released in conjunction with Star Trek films. TNG, DS9, and VOY had respective series of magazines chronicling events depicted in the series along with background information and interviews.

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