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Mack Reynolds (11 November 191730 January 1983; age 65), was born as Dallas McCord Reynolds.

As an pulp science fiction magazine author, he was published in Galaxy and Worlds of if. Popular in the '60s, his stories were often set in Utopian societies and had reformist themes. He was the first to write an original novel based on the TOS TV show that came out in hard cover and written for a young adult audience.

Writing credits

Star Trek novels
First Star Trek tie-In hardcover novel
Partial list of non-Star Trek novels
  • The Case of the Little Green Men
  • Mercenary from Tomorrow
  • The Earth War
  • Sweet Dreams, Sweet Princes
  • Space Pioneer
  • Planetary Agent X
  • Dawnman Planet
  • Of Godlike Power
  • After Some Tomorrow
  • Home Sweet Home 2010 A.D.
  • Chaos in Lagrangia

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