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The rank system used by the United Earth MACO military force of 22nd century, and the Terran Empire in the mirror universe, are based on traditional army and naval ranks from Earth's past.

General Edit

The flag officer rank of general was used by General Casey, commanding officer of the MACOs who were assigned to the Enterprise NX-01. This rank is approximately equivalent to an Starfleet Admiral. (ENT: "The Expanse")

It was not revealed if the MACO infrastructure uses any separate grades of general rank, and no general's rank insignia was ever made for the series. Based on the rank insignia that was shown, a 'general' would be one, two, three, or four stars.

Major Edit


The rank of major was used by MACO field officers commanding larger groups of soldiers on special assignments. The insignia was a gold oak leaf on a blue shoulder patch. The oak leaf insignia appears to be carried over from the USA system insignia for major.

Major J. Hayes commanded the MACOs aboard Enterprise. Traditionally, a major is equivalent of a naval lieutenant commander. However, Starfleet had no such rank at the time. Though Hayes may have technically outranked Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, the MACO team was still subordinate to the ship's chief of security.

In the mirror universe, Major Malcolm Reed was the chief of security aboard the ISS Enterprise.

From the fact that Hayes named a corporal as his successor in "Countdown", it could be assumed that he was the only MACO officer aboard Enterprise.

Sergeant Edit


The sergeant insignia was three white chevrons on a blue shoulder patch.

Corporal Edit


The corporal insignia was two white chevrons on a blue shoulder patch.

Several corporals were seen assigned to Enterprise, and also posted at other Starfleet assignments.

Private Edit


The private insignia was a single white chevron on a blue shoulder patch.

While the insignia was plainly seen, the term "private" was not used in any dialogue, the troopers in question were simply referred to as "MACOs."

This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

Appendices Edit

Background information Edit

The MACOs appear to follow the same basic rank system of Earth armies, with American insignia. The producers and writers of Star Trek: Enterprise apparently avoided the army ranks that sound naval (lieutenant, captain, etc.) to avoid confusion.

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