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This page describes one of Memory Alpha's policies and guidelines.

Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.
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This page outlines the rules and guidelines that apply to the use of audio files on Memory Alpha. They are not absolute, for the most part, but it is generally expected that they be observed unless there is a good cause for ignoring them.

The basic overview:

  1. The rules and guidelines as outlined in the file use policy also apply to audio files.
  2. The only supported format is OGG.
  3. The MP3 format can NOT be used due to legal restrictions.
  4. Audio files should only be used via a template.

Format Edit

All audio files should be in the OGG format.

Ogg Vorbis audio files do not require proprietary software to record or play, and MA has an integrated OGG player. For more info, please see the help page, Wikipedia, or

The MP3 format is currently not supported, due to licensing and patent issues.

File description page Edit

All audio files need to be described and include the correct copyright licensing information on the file description page as outlined in the file use policy. In addition to that, audio files may require other, audio specific information:

  • Generally, audio files shouldn't combine more than one continuous recording. If the audio file does contain more than one clip though, the file description page must note that.
  • Audio files should be added to all appropriate audio categories. There are audio categories depending on what the file contains, such as Memory Alpha audio files (music)‎. If you're unsure about what category or categories to use, or can't find the one you want, add the audio file to the top category by adding "[[Category:Memory Alpha audio files]]" to the file description page.

Playback Edit

Audio file playback should generally not be modified in any way, though there are a few rare exceptions:

  • Audio may be modified to balance the volume or otherwise increase the understandability of the content. If the audio file has been modified, the file description page must note that.

In articles Edit

The use of audio files in articles should generally be done by using a template, like {{audio}}.