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M-113 was an inhabited M-class planet. It was the homeworld for the extinct M-113 natives, as well as the home for the intelligent M-113 creature, which went extinct in 2266, and the Borgia plant.

The planet was hotter and more arid than Earth, so Human inhabitants needed to ingest larger amounts of salt to adjust for the loss of the mineral due to sweating. No salt was found on the planet so it had to be imported. Apart from dry brushes, it was home to a poisonous plant, the Borgia, classified as a carbon group 3 vegetation, similar to Earth's nightshade family.

M-113 sculpture

A winged beast

Several stone sculptures depicting various animals were found on the surface of the planet among vast ruins, including sculptures of a winged creature holding a sword, a small stone sculpture resembling a dolphin as depicted in Earth's Renaissance, a four-legged deer-like creature seated like a traditional Egyptian sphinx statue, and a sculpture of a lion-like animal.

In 2261, archaeologist Robert Crater and his wife Nancy began an expedition on M-113 to conduct a survey of the planet's many ruins. They moved into a large deserted ruin on the planet surface and began their archaeological research. During the first four years, they shipped out large amounts of artifacts, gathered from several digging sites on the planet, made numerous reports and were visited by a number of ships. A large drop in shipments was noted in the fifth year, however.

Unknown at the time of the Crater expedition, a single surviving member of the M-113 creature species continued to live on the planet. It eventually killed Nancy and continued to live along with Robert until 2266. Crater buried his wife on a hill on the planet, but was no longer as efficient in his archaeological work, causing the drop in shipments. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

In 2328, this world was home to the M-113 Archaeological Center and M-113 Tourist Center. (TNG-R: "Inheritance")

At least two humanoid skulls were among the artifacts in Crater's collection.
According to Star Trek Maps (p. 31) and The Worlds of the Federation (p. 118), M-113 was the fourth planet of the seven planets that orbited the yellow dwarf star UFC 113. The M-113 creatures were in fact the ancient advanced civilization that had built the vast cities that were now in ruins. According to Worlds, the indigenous name of the planet was Fotialla. The novelization of the episode, in Star Trek 1, called this planet Regulus VIII, suggesting that it was in the Regulan system.

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