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Möbius Inversion

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Möbius Inversion

The Möbius Inversion

The Möbius Inversion was a small but disruptive wormhole used in the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, a race held in the Delta Quadrant to commemorate the signing of a treaty which brought four warring races to peace. Covering the entire last third of the course, it was characterized by level-six subspace distortions and gravimetric shear.

The Delta Flyer II entered the Inversion in 2377, while taking part in the first running of the race. Upon the Flyer''s entrance, radiation from the Inversion blocked the sensors of the USS Voyager, preventing the crew from tracking the Flyer's progress. While inside the Inversion, B'Elanna Torres, Voyager's chief engineer, reversed the Flyer's deflector polarity as they passed between the Imhotep and Terrellian ships, pushing them aside and allowing them to gain the lead as they emerged from the wormhole. (VOY: "Drive")

The CGI effects of the interior of the Inversion were a re-use of the quantum slipstream graphics from "Hope and Fear" and "Timeless".

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