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Lysian central command-galaxy class
Lysian Central Command
Type: Starbase
Crew: 15,311
Armaments: 4 laser cannons, 39 cobalt fusion warheads with magnetic propulsion
Defenses: Deflector shields (Maximum output 4.3 kilojoules)

Lysian Central Command was a space station located in the Lysian system that served as the headquarters for the Lysian Alliance.

In 2368, a Satarran operative was able to suppress the memories of the crew of the USS Enterprise-D and falsify computer records in order to convince them that the Federation was at war with the Lysians, and their ship had been ordered to destroy their base in order to end the conflict.

Upon arriving at the station, however, the crew quickly realized that, despite its massive size, its defenses were no match for a Galaxy-class starship such as the Enterprise; William T. Riker commented that a single photon torpedo would completely obliterate the base.

Fortunately, the Enterprise crew realized how under-powered the Lysian Central Command was, and, stating that he would not fire on defenseless people, Captain Jean-Luc Picard ordered the ship to stand down before opening fire. The Satarran operative, masquerading as First Officer "Kieran MacDuff," attempted to overpower the ship's bridge crew and trigger the ship's weapons, but he was fortunately subdued before he could do so. (TNG: "Conundrum")

The Lysian Central Command model was a reuse of the Edo God model from TNG: "Justice".

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