Skagaran (Dead)

A Skagaran dead from lynching

Lynching was a type of informal execution by hanging practiced by the Human population on a Skagaran colony upon the Skagaran population.

In 2153, at least one Skagaran was lynched this way. He was believed to have killed a man, which was considered a hanging offense for a Skagaran whether it was in self defense or not. His last words were, "Go to hell." Sheriff MacReady regretted that the man could not be brought to trial, although local school teacher Bethany argued that if he had been, the same people who had lynched him would have been in the jury.

Captain Jonathan Archer, upon witnessing the aftermath of this lynching, remarked that the colony was an authentic representation of the Terran Ancient West society they were taken from, right down to the hangings. (ENT: "North Star")

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