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Lydia Wilson (born 1984) is a British actress and singer who was cast to appear in Star Trek Beyond as Kalara. [1]

Wilson completed a foundation course at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and studied English at the University of Cambridge where she earned a first class degree. She also trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Among her earlier roles are the science fiction drama Never Let Me Go (2010), guest roles in episodes of Pete Versus Life (2010), Inspector Barnaby (2010), and Any Human Heart (2010, with Kim Cattrall), and a recurring role in the television mini series South Riding (2011).

Further work includes guest roles in The Crimson Petal and the White (2011), Black Mirror (2011), Dirk Gently (2012), and Misfits (2013), the television drama The Making of a Lady (2012), the drama About Time (2013), and the short drama Hereafter (2013, with Anthony Stewart Head). Beside film and television, Wilson also appeared in stage plays such as "The Heretic", "Hysteria", and "King Charles III".

More recently, Wilson portrayed Mimi Morton in the third season of the crime series Ripper Street (2014) and filmed the romance Love Is Thicker Than Water (2015).

Wilson is not a Trekkie, but she understood taking on the role how much the franchise meant to them. Calling them the "guardians" of the series, Wilson claimed she had a dream where Zachary Quinto reminded they were the reason they were making the film: "It was this sort of spirit quest, like an entry into Star Trek where Zach is my spirit guide explaining to me the sort of respect that he has and we all must have for the people who this belongs to. I haven't told him about it yet." [2]

Wilson spent four hours in make-up for her role in Beyond and spent most of her screentime with the late Anton Yelchin, whom she called "a beautiful, beautiful man." [3]

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