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Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)
San Francisco liner

A luxury liner cruising into San Francisco

A luxury liner was a type of ship or starship designed for travel with a focus on comfort.

Captain Archer once noted that the Enterprise NX-01 was not a luxury liner. (ENT: "Babel One")

In 2259 of the alternate reality, a luxury liner could be seen from Starfleet Headquarters cruising through San Francisco Bay. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

In 2364, Ralph Offenhouse noted that the service of USS Enterprise-D was nothing compared to a luxury liner from the 20th century, the QE2. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone") The Enterprise-D herself was considered a luxury liner, at least by Captain Robert DeSoto, echoing the great attention that had been given to crew comfort in the design of the Galaxy-class. (TNG: "Tin Man")

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