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DaiMon Lurin was a Ferengi privateer of particular ambition and ruthlessness.

In an effort to capture and sell a Federation Galaxy-class starship on the Romulan market, Lurin salvaged two Klingon B'rel-class Birds-of-Prey, which he used to ambush the USS Enterprise-D, briefly seizing control of the vessel in 2369.

Lurin ambushed the Enterprise-D at Ligos VII and forced its crew to work in the dangerous mines on the planet where several of them were injured. He then held the civilian personnel of the Enterprise-D hostage under threat of execution as leverage against Commander Riker, who was in command of the vessel at the time.

Lurin's plan was ultimately foiled by Captain Picard and he was captured. The Ferengi Alliance disavowed any knowledge of Lurin's actions as a DaiMon. (TNG: "Rascals")

Odo cited the case of Lurin to Worf in 2372, when Worf complained of the security breaches on Deep Space 9. (DS9: "Bar Association")

Lurin was played by actor Mike Gomez.
According to the script for "Bar Association", his name was pronounced as "LOOR-in". [1]

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