Ambassador Ves Alkar HD

Ambassador Ves Alkar in 2369

Liva HD

Liva in 2369

The Lumerians were a humanoid species, clearly noticeable by their distinctive forehead markings. As a species they were gifted with empathic abilities, but were usually restricted in the use of this empathy to other Lumerians and alien empaths and telepaths. Some Lumerians seemed to be able to ritually form a psionic bond with another person, giving him or her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner. The latter one usually suffered from severely accelerated aging and aggressive behavior. The ritual was performed with the help of a crystalline stone, that seemed to enhance the psionic output of the ritual participants. (TNG: "Man of the People")

List of Lumerians Edit

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