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Quark as Lumba

Quark as Lumba

Lumba was the identity assumed by Quark in 2374, after his mother Ishka collapsed and needed a heart transplant. Ishka had been due to meet Commissioner Nilva, Chairman of Slug-o-Cola, to convince him of the opportunity in letting females make profit; as no other females were available, Grand Nagus Zek decided to make one. The name Lumba was chosen because Quark couldn't get the hang of walking like a female, especially in heels and Leeta accused him of 'lumbering' around.

Nilva was quite taken with Lumba, in fact a bit too taken – he pursued Quark sexually, despite being married. Meanwhile, acting Grand Nagus Brunt had uncovered "Lumba's" secret, and Quark was forced to prove to Brunt and Nilva that he had had a sex change, opening the front of his dress to them. Lumba's true identity thus remained a secret.

When asked whether wearing "all those clothes" made her feel like a deviant, Lumba replied, "Not really, because under all these clothes, I know I'm totally naked." (DS9: "Profit and Lace")

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