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Dr. Louis Pasteur was a famous 19th century French medical doctor from Paris. (DS9: "Distant Voices")

In the mid 23rd century, Dr. Roger Korby was described as the "Louis Pasteur of archaeological medicine." (TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

For Dr. Julian Bashir's surprise birthday party in 2371, the crew of Deep Space 9 had the choices narrowed down to two different holosuite programs: a Greek palace on Mount Olympus or Louis Pasteur's house in Paris. (DS9: "Distant Voices")

Pasteur's name was among the choices The Doctor considered in giving himself, as stated in a discussion with Kes. This name was among other medical revolutionaries such as Pyong Ko, Jarvik and Schweitzer. (VOY: "Fury")

The USS Pasteur was presumably named after Pasteur.
Although it was stated in many episodes, including "Distant Voices", that Louis Pasteur was a physician, he was in fact a chemist and microbiologist who was for a short time also a professor of physics. He did not have and never claimed to have a medical degree.

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