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Lorit Akrem was a Bajoran male, and a member of the Shakaar resistance cell during the Occupation of Bajor. He was responsible for recruiting Kira Nerys into the cell.

Around 2366 Lorit was arrested by the Cardassians and was placed as a prisoner on the Ravinok destined to a prison camp. The Ravinok disappeared en route and was reportedly lost.

Razka Karn had contacted Kira in 2372 indicating that he might have found pieces of the Ravinok. Kira and Dukat found that the crew and prisoners of ship were attacked by the Breen.

The survivors of the wreck, one being Lorit were taken to work in the dilithium mines. Unfortunately, Lorit had been killed in a mine collapse in 2370. (DS9: "Indiscretion")

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