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Lorgh was a Klingon warrior and a family friend of Mogh. Lorgh took care of the infant Kurn while Mogh traveled to Khitomer in 2346. After Kurn's family was apparently killed at the Khitomer Massacre, Lorgh raised Kurn as his own son and did not tell him of his true parentage until he had reached the Age of Ascension. Kurn continued to pose as the son of Lorgh until the Klingon Civil War, to protect his honor after Worf accepted discommendation to cover Ja'rod's treachery at Khitomer. (TNG: "Sins of the Father")

Lorgh appeared in The Lost Era novel The Art of the Impossible, the DS9 novel Warpath, and the TNG novel A Time to Kill as a high-ranking operative of Klingon Intelligence. He also appears in Star Trek: Klingon Empire novel A Burning House.

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