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Loracus Prime
Loracus Prime.jpg

Loracus Prime from orbit

Type: Planet
Location: Loracus system
Gagarin Radiation Belt
Termites of Loracus Prime.jpg

Loracus Prime's handbook entry

Loracus Prime was the prime planet in the Loracus system. This system was located in the Gagarin Radiation Belt. The planet was located less than ninety light years from Earth.

The planet's atmosphere contained purple and pink clouds of gas and it was known to have over five thousand subspecies of termites. Among those subspecies were the Loracus devil mite and the Spitting termite. The planet was crucial for the development of Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development. (ENT: "Strange New World")

In "Two Days and Two Nights", Enterprise, a NX-class starship, set a milestone in 2151 by becoming the first Earth ship to travel ninety light years from its homeworld. A.E. Hodgkin visited Loracus Prime before 2151.
Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 60) falsely states the planet explored in "Strange New World" to be Loracus Prime, which actually is a misinterpretation. More so, the planet was later identified as Archer IV.
Elizabeth Cutler's prop book about Loracus Prime insects is an Eyewitness Handbook, a series of field guides published by Dorling Kindersley on a variety of natural subjects. When the episode aired, many viewers thought that Cutler said "Arrakis Prime", in reference to the Dune Chronicles, but this was subsequently disproved.

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