The Loque'eque language was the language spoken by the Loque'eque. It was also spoken by aliens who, due to a mutagenic virus, were transformed into members of that species. (ENT: "Extinction")

In the final draft script of "Extinction", the Loque'eque language was described as "a strange alien language that will not be subtitled."

Established dialogue Edit

The formatting, spelling, and translations of the following examples are from the final draft script of "Extinction".

Jahz ya brak?

Who are you?

Jahz ya seetayla?

What are you doing here?


She's awake.


Put her down.

Hees tellum ta'key.

We should have left her behind.

Mina sa'aahl udukay!

I want to question her!

Rageen so-lok?

What species are you?


What species?

Haiin tera koomptah!

She could be an enemy!



Ashtoor yinguassa. Siqua linasah.

Don't give it to her. It could be a weapon.


Give it to her.