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A looney was a type of coin, equal to one dollar, that was used in Canada during the 20th century through the 22nd century. It features the image of a loon on one side, and the head of the current monarch of Canada on the reverse.

Michael Eddington kept what he referred to as a "lucky looney." It had been a family heirloom for over two hundred years. He left the looney, along with other personal items, on Deep Space 9 when he joined the Maquis. Benjamin Sisko believed it might have been placed in an Assay office locker after his defection. (DS9: "Blaze of Glory")

The "loonie" (note the spelling) is a current term for the Canadian dollar coin. This was likely what the script referred to, and it was simply misspelled. Of course, the spelling convention could have changed over the course of 300 years.

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