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Lola Chrystal

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Lola Chrystal

Lola Chrystal

Lola Chrystal was a holodeck character created by Vic Fontaine for Odo. Vic modified the matrix of Anastasia Komananov, another holodeck character based on Kira Nerys, created for Julian Bashir's secret agent holoprogram; it took him an hour to get rid of her Russian accent.

Vic introduced Lola to Odo following her rendition of the song Fever, with the ultimate goal of making Odo break out of his Nanook of the North persona and become more comfortable with Kira, but Odo still felt uncomfortable as Lola didn't act like Kira even if she looked like her. (DS9: "His Way")

Lola was played by actress Nana Visitor.

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