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Lois Eckridge personnel file

Lois's personnel file

Lois A. Eckridge was a Starfleet ensign (serial number #GH 385-067), the daughter of Arlene C. and Malcolm Eckridge. She was born on stardate 44820.2, on Beta Aquilae II (Med file #DM-485-87), and attended Starfleet Academy on that world on stardate 44001.3. She reached the rank of ensign on stardate 47117.3, and served in the sciences division as a specialist (grade 2) emergency medical assistant.

In 2363, she was serving at Utopia Planitia Shipyards where the USS Enterprise-D was being built. Eckridge was assigned as medical assistant to the construction teams.

Eckridge was assigned to the starship USS Northridge on stardate 47328. She was later assigned to the Enterprise-D again on stardate 47484.

In 2370, her personnel file was displayed on a viewscreen viewed by Deanna Troi. According to what she saw, Lois had an average efficiency rating of 9.3. The file listed some further data about her specific qualifications and equipment experience, with a protoplaser for example. (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder")

Eckridge was portrayed by an unknown actress.
An okudagram readout of Eckridge's personnel file was displayed on a viewscreen that Deanna Troi was studying. Some of the facts could be called into question since she was involved in a very detailed hallucination when the data was shown.

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