The logic extremists were a small faction of Vulcans during the 23rd century. Claiming to represent "true Vulcan ideology" and valuing logic above all, they were considered renegades and fanatics by other Vulcans. Their goal was to have Vulcan secede from the Federation, which they considered a "failed experiment". They regarded Humans to be inferior and particularly opposed Human involvement in Vulcan culture.

Logic extremists bombed the Vulcan Learning Center in an attempt to kill the young Michael Burnham, as she had been adopted by Sarek. This attempt nearly succeeded, as Burnham was dead for three minutes before she was saved by Sarek.

In 2256, the logic extremists sought to sabotage an intended peace meeting between Sarek and two Klingon Great Houses. The extremist V'Latak, who had been assigned to pilot the Vulcan cruiser transporting Sarek, gave himself an injection en route that caused his body to explode. This suicidal attack disabled the ship and severely injured Sarek. (DIS: "Lethe")

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