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Live by the Code is a Pocket ENT novel, the fourth in the Rise of the Federation series. Written by Christopher L. Bennett, the novel was released in March 2016.

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Captain T'Pol and the crew of the USS Endeavour are returning home after unsuccessfully searching for the renegade Vulcan V'Las, whom T'Pol is strongly motivated to bring to justice after recent events. They are surprised to be confronted by a Klingon military vessel, since the Klingons have been torn by internal strife for the past several years and have largely left the Federation alone. They're even more surprised when the Klingon captain makes a grudgingly polite request for the assistance of Dr. Phlox. Klingon chancellor M'Rek has died, and given the intense factional strife within the High Council, the parties have agreed that they need an objective arbiter to determine whether or not he died of natural causes. Meanwhile, back at Starfleet headquarters, Jonathan Archer is settling into his new role as chief of staff of Starfleet's UESPA division. The Council's inability to work with M'Rek helped keep the Empire ineffectual and the Federation safe... but what if the next chancellor is more unifying and decides to rally his people against the Federation?

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