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List of Zobral's species

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List of unnamed members of Zobral's species.

Alien man

Zobral clan member

A member of Zobral's clan

This alien man was a member of Zobral's rebel group that had fought against the oppressive Torothan government on his homeworld. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

The alien man was portrayed by Brandon Karrer.

Geskana players

These members of Zobral's clan participated in a game of Geskana with Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander Trip Tucker, and Zobral. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

Zobral clan members

Zobrals encampment

Zobral's encampment in the Cygniai Expanse

Zobral clan members at an encampment in the Cygniai Expanse. Later some clan members would play a Geskana match, a game similar to Lacrosse. Jonathan Archer and Charles Tucker joined them in a match.(ENT: "Desert Crossing")

The clan members were portrayed by unknown actors.

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