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A list of Makull's species.

Named individuals Edit

Unnamed individuals Edit

Makulls species guard 1

A guard

Guard 1 Edit

This first guard was guarding a power plant that a group of protesters demonstrated at because they were against the use of polaric ion energy. When the demonstration turned confrontational, he fired a weapon into the air to disperse the group. (VOY: "Time and Again")

This guard was portrayed by Jerry Spicer.

Dennis Madalone, Time and again

A guard

Guard 2 Edit

This second guard was at a power plant that a group of protesters assembled at to protest against the use of polaric ion energy.

As the protest became violent, he hit Captain Janeway in the head while trying to break up the protesters. Tom Paris punched the guard as the protest leader helped Janeway up and led her out of the area. (VOY: "Time and Again")

This guard was portrayed by stunt coordinator Dennis Madalone, who received no credit for this performance.

Makulls species shopkeeper

A shopkeeper

Shopkeeper Edit

The shopkeeper owned a shop that sold time-pieces that Paris noticed. The shopkeeper noticed him and tried to make a sale. When Paris told him that he was from Kalto Province and was not familiar with the time piece, the shopkeeper said that the time piece was the same as in Kalto. The shopkeeper explained about the time-piece, noting that that the three number sets were equal to rotations, intervals, and fractions. He asked for fourteen Keladas, but Paris said he would think about it. Upon returning to Janeway, Paris estimated that the planet would be destroyed the next day. (VOY: "Time and Again")

The shopkeeper was portrayed by Ryan MacDonald.

Guard time and again

An Officer

Officer Edit

This officer was a person on a Class M planet in the Delta Quadrant visited by the USS Voyager in 2371.

In an alternate timeline, the officer comforted Latika when he saw Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris appear 'out of thin air', stating that the boy has been reading too many Darkstorm tales. He told Latika to have a Confection bar, for which the child left. Later, after questioning Janeway and Paris regarding their questionable clothing, he helped the Starfleet officers blend into the local culture by pointing out a nearby clothing shop. (VOY: "Time and Again")

This officer was portrayed by Steve Vaught.

Makull species associate

Makull's associate

Makull's associate Edit

Makull's associate worked with Pe'Nar Makull during his attempts to end the use of polaric energy as a power source on the planet.

In an alternate timeline, the associate joined Makull in his protest attempt at a power plant when Kathryn Janeway got struck by a guard. He later joined Makull, along with the hostage Janeway, Tom Paris and Latika as they broke into the power plant to perform an unknown task. (VOY: "Time and Again")

He was played by an unknown actor.

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