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List of Kago-Darr species

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List of individuals from Kago-Darr's species.

Named individuals

Unnamed individuals

Bar Visitor

Kagos species, The Seventh

A member in the bar on Pernaia Prime's moon

This bar visitor was encountered by Captain Jonathan Archer and T'Pol while searching for Menos on the Pernaia Prime moon. In the shootout between Menos and Archer, Archer bumped into this tall alien and the tall guy said something in an unknown language to him. Archer left the alien alone and replied Couldn't agree more. (ENT: "The Seventh")

This individual was played by Vincent Hammond, who was credited as Huge alien in the end credits.

Repair station body

A body of this species was found in an Automated repair station, basically dead; the computer had been using his brain to run its systems. He'd been there for several years. (ENT: "Dead Stop")

This individual was played by an unknown actor.

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