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Lieutenant Lindstrom was a sociologist who served aboard the USS Enterprise in 2267. That year, the Enterprise visited planet Beta III, searching for clues to the fate of the Archon, lost there a century earlier. Lindstrom's initial error in attire led to the quick identification and absorption of the first landing party, Lieutenants Sulu and O'Neil. Kirk then put together a six-man landing party that included Lindstrom. Subsequent events revealed the fate of the Archon, and left Beta III without effective governance; Lindstrom and other experts remained behind to help guide the culture back to a more Human form. (TOS: "The Return of the Archons")

Was played by actor Christopher Held.|

He was given the first name "Christopher" in Foundations, Book 2, apparently after the actor.

In a deleted subplot Lindstrom was to fall in love with a native of Beta III, although this was never filmed. During the Red Hour Lindstrom can be heard expresing concern for the safety a local female who the landing part spoke with.Template:Star Trek VHS 1.8}

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