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Lincoln Enterprises (originally known as "Star Trek Enterprises") is a mail-order catalog company started by Majel Barrett Roddenberry and Betty Jo "Bjo" Trimble in 1967 as a subsidiary of the Norway Corporation. Lincoln Enterprises is still in business and specializes in memorabilia pertaining to Star Trek. Currently, the company is headed by Gene & Majel's son, Eugene Roddenberry Jr., and run through the appropriately-named website.

In the 1970s, they offered merchandise related to other series such as Kung Fu, Search, and other television projects created by Gene Roddenberry, such as Genesis II, Questor, Earth II and Spectre.

In 1974, Lincoln Enterprises Catalog No. 5 came out, offering scripts, storyboards, and other items related to Star Trek: The Animated Series. Available in that catalog were biographies of the two new crew members, Lieutenants Arex and M'Ress. These two biographies are no longer available from Lincoln Enterprises. However, they can be found as "supplemental biographical info" for each of the two characters at The address for Lincoln Enterprises was Lincoln Enterprises, 14710 Arminta St, Van Nuys, CA 91402.

In 1996, Laura Richarz and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine production staff working on "Trials and Tribble-ations" purchased three sizes of toy tribbles from Lincoln Enterprises to use in the filming of the episode. (The Magic of Tribbles: The Making of Trials and Tribble-ations)

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