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You may also be looking for the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Life Line".

All-new trilogy based on the hit show!

Before she was captain of the USS USS Voyager, she was a cadet struggling to graduate from Starfleet Academy. Written for young readers.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Cadet Kathryn Janeway, the ambitious daughter of Vice Admiral Edward Janeway, is determined to prove herself at Starfleet Academy. Her tough commander, Etienne Mallet, demands perfection, but Kathyrn is ready for the challenge.
It isn't easy, especially with two roommates: a pair of identical Diasoman twins named ThrumPol. Kathyrn thinks she can face the pressure alone, but when she and Pol fail their second dorm drill and Mallet assigns them to a holodeck test, Kathyrn panics. Suddenly, she's out of control!
It's time to call on her secret weapon to help her through the crisis... until Mallet discovers her weakness and issues the ultimate challenge...

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Background information Edit

  • Janeway's father appeared in VOY: "Coda" and was given the rank of Vice Admiral but not a first name.

Characters Edit

Canon Characters Edit

Non-Canon Characters Edit

  • Etienne Mallet
  • Cadets ThrumPol, twins

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First novel in series Star Trek: Voyager - Starfleet Academy #2: The Chance Factor

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