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Liana, a Kantare female.

Liana was a Kantare female born circa 2123. She was the daughter of Ezral and Maya.

Her father, Ezral, was the chief engineer of the ship which crashed on an unidentified planet following an ion storm. She was a child when the accident happened. Her father blamed himself for the accident. A holographic crew was eventually created for her companionship in 2131.

When the crew of the Enterprise NX-01 landed on the planet, she met them. Liana wanted to know more about the ship and the Humans homeworld even though her father disapproved. She became romantically involved with Commander Tucker. When the crew becomes suspicious of the circumstances of the crash, they were attacked by the holographic Kantare. Liana took the holograms off line and told the crew of her father's ruse. Later, she planned to eventually leave the planet with her father once the holographic crew had got the ship operational, and hoped keenly that she and Trip would meet again. (ENT: "Oasis")

Liana was played by actress Annie Wersching.
In the final draft script of "Oasis", Liana was described as "attractive, late-twenties."
Rene Auberjonois once likened Liana to the Shakespearean character of Miranda from The Tempest. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 139,  p. 39)

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