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Leslie Moonves (born 6 October 1949; age 69) is an American media executive.

While serving as the head of CBS Paramount Television, Moonves – not known for his affinity with science fiction in general and Star Trek in particular – was the studio executive who ordained the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise in February 2005. (In Conversation: Writing Star Trek: Enterprise, [1])

Moonves had been featured on the subject of Star Trek in the 2015 documentary William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge, even though he had never been involved with Star Trek: The Next Generation, the origin of which the documentary concerned itself with.

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He was CEO of the CBS Corporation, current holder of the Star Trek television franchise, until 9 September 2018, when he resigned effective immediately. His departure was part of a larger settlement between CBS, Viacom and National Amusements (NAI). Moonves had throughout 2018 opposed a (re)merger of Viacom and CBS, both subsidiaries of NAI. Such a merger, among other things, would have again seen both the Star Trek movie and television franchises located within one company; the franchises were split in the dissolution of the old Viacom in 2005, in which Moonves was a key figure.

In the settlement, Moonves agreed to exit CBS, but NAI agreed not to attempt another merger of CBS and Viacom (and thus a Star Trek "reunification") for at least two years. [2]

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