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Leonard Mlodinow (born 1954) from Chicago, Illinois is an author and physicist who wrote the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode "The Dauphin" with writing partner Scott Rubenstein. He also worked as story editor on the episodes from "The Outrageous Okona" to "The Royale" with Rubenstein.

In 2009, Mlodinow penned an essay for Newsweek entitled "Confessions of a Star Trek Writer," which discussed his work on Star Trek, his co-workers in the writer's room (like former police officer Burton Armus), and the "culture of free thinking" which has driven Star Trek to four decades of success.

Together with Rubenstein, Mlodinow also wrote the stories for episodes of What's Happening Now! (1985), 9 to 5 (1986), MacGyver (1987, episode directed by James L. Conway), Hunter (1989, episode directed by James Darren), Night Court (1990), and Adam 12 (1990).

In 2009 he worked with Stephen Hawking on the documentary Beyond the Horizon, starring Hawking. The same year he wrote the story and appeared in the documentary television series Celebrating Science, episode "The Drunkard's Walk".

Mlodinow published several books including "Feynman's Rainbow: a Search for Beauty in Physics and in Life", with Deepak Chopra "War of The Worlds: Physics Debates Metaphysics", and together with Stephen Hawking "A Brief History of Time" and "The Grand Design". Together with Matt Costello he also wrote the children's books "Titanic Cat" and "The Last Dinosaur" in 2004. Mlodinow is currently teaching at the California Institute of Technology.

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