Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Zakdorn on Qualor II a Zakdorn

Bolian leaving the turbolift a Bolian

Leonard Jones is an actor who had two different background parts in Star Trek: The Next Generation. First he portrayed the Zakdorn waiter in the fifth season episode "Unification II" and later a Bolian in the sixth season episode "Time's Arrow, Part II". He received no credit for both appearances. His first part was identified by the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion and the call sheet for the day of shooting, Wednesday 18 September 1991 and filmed on Paramount Stage 8, and his second appearance by an article in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Makeup FX Journal, page 64, titled "The Bolian: Step-by-Step", which featured the process for his Bolian make-up.

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