Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)
For the prime universe counterpart, please see Leeta.

Leeta was a Bajoran working with the Terran Resistance Forces on Terok Nor in 2375.

Following the Terran Rebellion's defeat of Regent Worf, "Smiley" O'Brien instructed her to "debrief" Ezri Tigan, which Leeta apparently took literally. When Rom told her "We're married!", she gave him a disgusted look and sneered, "I don't think so...!". Like Ezri and the Intendant, Leeta seemed to prefer female companionship. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

Apocrypha Edit

Leeta has appeared in the novels Dark Passions, Saturn's Children, The Soul Key, and Rise Like Lions (in which she was killed aboard the ISS Defiant), as well as the short story "A Terrible Beauty".

Set in 2409 and 2410, she also appears in the computer game Star Trek Online. She is voiced by Chase Masterson and depicted to be an opportunistic member of the reborn Terran Empire who collaborates with the True Way of the prime universe and eventually seeks to overthrow her Emperor.

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