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A leave of absence was a period of varying duration in which a member of Starfleet was off duty and not assigned to any posting. The leave of absence had to be granted by a superior officer, who also had authority to recall one into active service.

In 2151, Hoshi Sato had a leave of absence to teach at Amazon University, which she ended prematurely to serve aboard Enterprise NX-01. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

In 2152, Jonathan Archer offered T'Pol a leave of absence after her second encounter with Menos triggered traumatic memories, but she considered it unnecessary. (ENT: "The Seventh")

In 2267, Spock requested a leave of absence from the USS Enterprise to visit Vulcan due to his pon farr. (TOS: "Amok Time")

In 2366, Lwaxana Troi asked her daughter whether she had ever thought about a leave of absence. (TNG: "Ménage à Troi")

In 2367, Worf was granted a leave of absence from the USS Enterprise-D by Jean-Luc Picard to participate in events surrounding Gowron's inauguration. After the Klingon Civil War had started, Worf asked Picard for an extended leave of absence, but was refused; Worf then resigned his commission. (TNG: "Redemption")

In 2369, Deanna Troi recommended a leave of absence to Reginald Barclay and temporarily relieved him of duty. (TNG: "Realm of Fear")

In 2370, Jadzia Dax requested a leave of absence from Deep Space 9 to chase The Albino. Benjamin Sisko initially refused this request, but Dax eventually convinced him. (DS9: "Blood Oath")

The following year, Dax requested another leave of absence to live on Meridian, this time for sixty years. (DS9: "Meridian")

In 2373, Odo assured Arissa he would protect her even if he'd have to take a leave of absence. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")

In 2374, following the First Battle of Chin'toka, Sisko took a leave of absence to live on Earth. (DS9: "Tears of the Prophets")

Following her joining with the Dax symbiont in 2375, Ezri Dax took a leave of absence from the USS Destiny to visit Sisko on Earth. (DS9: "Shadows and Symbols")

In 2376, Deanna Troi asked Picard for a temporary leave of absence from the USS Enterprise-E to again help Barclay on Earth. (VOY: "Pathfinder")

In 2377, The Doctor asked for a temporary leave of absence from the USS Voyager to attend a symposium in the Ovion system. The request was denied by Chakotay. (VOY: "Flesh and Blood")

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