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Laura Martin (born 15 September), nee Laura DePuy, is a comic book artist specializing in coloring.

She began her career in 1995 with WildStorm Comics, where she worked as a staff colorist, supervisor, and designer for five years, also acting as a member of the WildStorm FX colorists studio. During this time, she contributed color to the "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Nanoprobes" story in the "Star Trek: Special".

When WildStorm was sold to DC Comics in 1999, DePuy began working on Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's Planetary series and Ellis and Bryan Hitch's Authority series. Since then, she has worked regularly with both Cassaday and Hitch.

In 2001, she began working as an assistant art director and colorist for CrossGen comics, eventually moving to Florida. Around this time, she married and changed her named to Laura Martin.

In 2008, she joined Gaijin Studios, a studio that was home to other artists including Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story, Adam Hughes, Joe Phillips, Jason Martin, and Kelsey Shannon until its ultimate demise in 2010.

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