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Latika was a child on a Class M planet in the Delta Quadrant. Like his father, who worked for the Media Bureau of the planet, Latika wanted to become a journalist when he grew up and wrote for his school's newspaper.

Janeway, Paris and Latika

Latika helping a wounded Tom Paris

In an alternate timeline, when USS Voyager reached his planet, it was destroyed and void of life. Scans indicated the planet was devastated by the detonation of polaric ions. The planet's residents utilized polaric ion energy for power and something happened to cause an explosion. Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris were transported to the planet's past prior to the destruction while they were investigating the destruction. They met Latika when he saw them appear out of thin air and screamed for help. He told a law enforcement officer about the appearance, but the officer didn't believe him. He told the boy that he has been reading too many Darkstorm tales and to move along. Latika followed them, until Paris told him that they were demons and ate young boys scaring him away. Latika returned and continued to follow them and when they got involved in a protest at a power plant. When they were taken to the leader of the protest's house, he went with them. During questioning by Makull the leader of the protestors, Latika shouted out that they were lying about their identity. Latika's planet was saved when Janeway discovered that Voyager's away team's effort to rescue them would cause the explosion at the power plant that destroyed the planet. Once she stopped the rescue, time was restored and the planet was not destroyed. (VOY: "Time and Again")

Latika was played by Brady Bluhm.

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