Latia was a Teplan female who, like all of her people, was infected with the Blight.

In 2372, Doctor Julian Bashir visited her world. Latia was among those who volunteered to be studied by Bashir so the doctor could develop a cure.

Unfortunately, while Bashir was studying the effects of an antigen he created on Latia, it was discovered that the electromagnetic fields being emitted by his medical equipment caused the disease to mutate and accelerate. Bashir and Jadzia Dax managed to shut down all the equipment, but it was too late; the Blight had accelerated to the final, most painful stage, and Bashir's patients were dying horribly. Bashir attempted to save Latia, but she was in so much pain that she begged the Teplan caretaker, Trevean, to end her suffering. Trevean complied, allowing her to ingest a vial of poison. A distraught Bashir looked on as Latia died, her suffering at an end. (DS9: "The Quickening")

Latia was played by actress Lisa Moncure.

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