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Lawrence "Larry" Marvick was a Federation engineer and one of the designers of the USS Enterprise.

In 2268, Marvick worked with Dr. Miranda Jones on the project of adapting starship navigational instrumentation for Medusan operation. On Stardate 5630.7, Marvick, Jones and the Medeusan Ambassador Kollos transported aboard the USS Enterprise. Scotty thought that it was a rare privilege to meet him, so much in fact, Scotty bet Marvick a bottle of scotch that he couldn't operate his own instruments.

In love with Dr. Jones, Marvick attempted to persuade her to leave the mission she had been assigned to with Kollos and stay with him. She refused and Marvick attempted to kill Kollos, however the ambassador appeared to Marvick, causing him to go insane and take the Enterprise to an undetermined location outside the galactic barrier. He died soon after due to his insanity. (TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?")

Marvick was played by actor David Frankham.
In the Star Trek: Enterprise novel Last Full Measure, Marvick appeared in a brief framing sequence. He was seen with an aged Charles 'Trip' Tucker, who had been secretly collaborating with Marvick on the design of the Constitution-class starship.

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