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Larry Berry is a comic book artist specializing in letter art and layout design. He is currently the Senior Art Director at DC Entertainment.

He began sketching comics at the age of five and broke into the industry in late 2000 doing design work for WildStorm and DC Comics. This eventually led to a role as Art Directory for WildStorm beginning in October 2002 as an assistant and January 2004 as the primary Art Director.

In his role as a designer, he created logos and graphic novel layouts for a number of titles with each company, including Superman, Batman, and WildStorm's Star Trek line. In the Star Trek line, he did letter art for "Enter the Wolves", and design work on "Double Time" and the "Other Realities" collection.

In his Art Director roles for WildStorm, he worked closely with Mad Magazine doing storyboard work for SPY vs SPY. He also worked on the Batman OnStar TV commercials and a number of video game tie-in comics including Prototype and Gears of War.