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Lantaru sector

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An area of Federation space which was the location of a classified research station studying the Omega molecule in the 23rd century. The project was overseen by Dr. Ketteract. After a single molecule was created, it exploded, destroying the station and causing ruptures in subspace extending several light years, making warp travel impossible in the region first observed by rescue vessels attempting to reach the station. By the 24th century many people believed it was due to a natural phenomenon. (VOY: "The Omega Directive")

The non-canon game Star Trek: Legacy reveals that T'Uerell, having knowledge of this event, captured the research facilities in the Lantaru sector in order to utilize the Omega molecule. She used the molecule to power a Borg sphere, which after being destroyed by a task force led by the USS Enterprise, caused the Omega explosion. Admiral Kirk recommended the official report be sealed and the Omega Directive be created following the incident.

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