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Lan O'Kun co-wrote the story for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Haven".

He has co-written several episodes of the hit ABC series The Love Boat, including one directed by Robert Scheerer and one featuring Susan Howard. He also contributed several scripts to the long-running syndicated series Insight (including one episode directed by Marc Daniels) and Michael Landon's popular NBC series Highway to Heaven. One episode he wrote for Highway featured David L. Lander and Allan Miller; another guest-starred Robert O'Reilly.

In addition, O'Kun wrote an episode of the 1980s version of The Twilight Zone entitled "The World Next Door", which was directed by Paul Lynch. He also wrote two episodes of CBS' Apple Way, starring Ronny Cox.

O'Kun is the brother-in-law of Shari Lewis and Jeremy Tarcher, who wrote the original Star Trek series episode "The Lights of Zetar". He and Tarcher were writers on Lewis' popular children's program, Lamb Chop's Play-Along. The three of them shared a Dayime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Writing in a Children's Series for their work on Lamb Chop. O'Kun went on to write and compose the music for Lewis' short-lived spin-off, The Charlie Horse Music Pizza.

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