Warner Bros backlot, Flesh and Blood

Two Hirogen hunters fire into a holographic lake on their training facility

Axiana lakes on Talax

The Axiana Lakes on Talaxia

Ba'ku lake

A lake on the Ba'ku planet

A lake was a large body of fresh water. Lakes were common on class M planets.

Betazed had two notable lakes, Lake El'nar and Lake Cataria. (TNG: "Dark Page", "All Good Things...")

Balfour Lake was a body of water located on an unnamed planet. (TNG: "Attached")

Lake Tahoe was one of the largest freshwater lakes in the western United States of America. It was located near Reno, Nevada, where it shared a border with the state of California. (DS9: "It's Only a Paper Moon"; VOY: "Vis à Vis") Lakes George and Como were also located on Earth, the latter being in Northern Italy. (VOY: "Coda", "The Swarm")

The Lake of Lusor was a body of water located on Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld, near the Kri'stak volcano. (DS9: "Rightful Heir")

Lake Yuron was one of the few bodies of water on the planet Vulcan. (VOY: "The Disease")

In 2377, four holographic Starfleet officers, including Weiss, hid in a lake during a hunt on a Hirogen training facility. As two Hirogen approached, they emerged and shot them with their phaser rifles. (VOY: "Flesh and Blood")

The Axiana Lakes, on the planet Talaxia, were several large bodies of water connected to each other and were located near the Godo Mountain Range. (VOY: "Homestead")

Lake Armstrong was a large artificial body of water on Earth's moon, which, on a clear day, could be seen from Earth itself. (Star Trek: First Contact)

A large lake existed on the Ba'ku planet and was home to at least one species of fish. In 2375, Lieutenant Commander Data uncovered a cloaked Federation holoship hiding on the lake. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

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