Lactran child

A Lactran child

The Lactrans were a civilization of thirty-meter-long slug-like lifeforms inhabiting the planet Lactra VII. Despite their appearances, they were highly intelligent and telepathic beyond Vulcan abilities. After telepathic communications, Spock stated that they were once at a similar level to Humans, "tens of thousands of centuries ago... their centuries."

They kept a zoo of animals on their planet, and kept intruders away by altering their sensor readings to mask their life signs.

In 2269, the crew of the USS Enterprise visited Lactra VII on a mission to investigate the disappearance of a scientific team from the USS Ariel. (TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder")

The Lactrans are first described in script notes when Kirk, Spock and McCoy are lifted off their feet "by the multi-forked tail of a slug and they are in a vice-like grip." They were further detailed as: "The slugs are easily twenty feet long, built low to the ground, and seem a combination of snake and slug. Their tail-end is used in much the same way man used his hand."

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