Jimbalian fudge cake

A Jimbalian fudge cake with l'maki nut frosting

L'maki nut was a type of nut indigenous to the Delta Quadrant. When pureed, it made a lustery blue cream that was a popular cake frosting.

Neelix often enjoyed using pureed l'maki nut frosting on his baked goods and pastries while aboard USS Voyager. It was one of Kes' favorite foods. (VOY: "Twisted", "Before and After")

In 2376, while Tuvok temporarily suffered from brain damage, he enjoyed making several desserts, including cakes with l'maki frosting. (VOY: "Riddles")

Later that year for Tuvok's birthday, Captain Janeway replicated a cake with l'maki frosting for him. (VOY: "Fury")

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