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L'Naan was a Klingon woman, the daughter of Krelik, who lived in the late 23rd and early 24th century. She had a daughter, Miral, who married a Human man, and together had one daughter, B'Elanna Torres, L'Naan's granddaughter.

While growing up, B'Elanna learned of a Klingon phrase that her grandmother used to use: mok'tah, which means "bad match." Later in her life, B'Elanna felt that she and Tom Paris were a mok'tah, and she hated that it took her three years to realize it. (VOY: "Drive")

L'Naan died when her granddaughter B'Elanna was young. In her youth, B'Elanna gave a daily prayer for her grandmother.

In 2377, when a group of Klingon religious radicals came aboard USS Voyager, B'Elanna prayed for her grandmother for the first time in years. (VOY: "Prophecy")

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