The Kzinti police vessel was a type of starship utilized by the Kzinti. Following the Earth-Kzin Wars, and in accordance to the Treaty of Sirius, Kzinti police vessels were the only type of military craft the Kzinti were allowed to possess.

In 2269, a police vessel known as the Traitor's Claw was "stolen" by the Chuft-Captain and his crew, where it was used in the attempted theft of a Slaver stasis box. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

Background information Edit

Kzinti vessel c2150s

Conceptual design of a 22nd century Kzinti starship

It was disclosed that if Star Trek: Enterprise had been renewed for a fifth season, Manny Coto wanted to do a Kzinti episode. Talk about the episode progressed to the point that a "rough rendering" of a Kzinti starship was produced for possible use. This rendering was similar to the ship designs for Kzinti warships in the alternate Star Fleet Universe.