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Kymble was a character, based on Harry Kim, in The Doctor's fictional holonovel entitled Photons Be Free.

Kymble was a Trill hypochondriac who served aboard the USS Vortex. Along with Tulak, he arrested the EMH character with the intent of reprogamming his holographic matrix at the orders of Captain Jenkins. He was very worried that they might damage the EMH's medical database, and there would be no one to help him if he caught an alien virus. Unlike the real Kim, Kymble wore his hair straightly slicked back which prominently shows the Trill spots on his forehead. He was attacked by Three of Eight in an attempt to help the EMH escape in "Chapter 7: The Escape". (VOY: "Author, Author")

It was never stated, either onscreen or in the script, whether Kymble was a joined Trill. Like Harry Kim, Kymble was portrayed by Garrett Wang.

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