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Kukulkan machinery

Kirk and McCoy disconnect the machinery from the Capellan power-cat

Kukulkan's machinery were various systems aboard Kukulkan's starship that support the creatures in his creature collection. One of the systems creates a virtual world in the mind of the creature, so that it can live in peace in its natural environment. Kukulkan also used this system to create a virtual manifestation of Kukulkan's city in the minds of members of the USS Enterprise crew so that they would have an opportunity to solve the riddle of the city. When in captivity abourd his ship, Kirk and McCoy released a Capellan power-cat by pulling its cables and disconnecting it from the system. The cat went crazy and started to destroy the machinery, distracting Kukulkan long enough for Spock to use the Enterprise's phasers to disable Kukulkan's ship. (TAS: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth")

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